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Standard Package - 3GB/day -SGD48/month

90GB Singapore Portable Broadband Internet capped at 3GB data daily
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Incredible convenience for you to work from home, attend online study stably, go Live stream with smooth and fast internet, enjoy all mobile entertainment apps with no hassle and support your outdoor activities.

Key Feature

⦁ Enjoy daily 3GB Data at SGD48 per month only.

⦁ 4G LTE high-speed internet enables up to 150Mbps for download and 50Mbps uploads.

⦁ Unlimited internet with 4G high speed capped at 3GB per day.

⦁ Data usage reaches 3GB within a day (24-hour), the connection speed may slow down to 384Kbps for download and upload speeds. The connection speed will recover to high speed again the following day.

⦁ Powerful rechargeable battery for up to 10 - 12 hours working usage.

⦁ Connect up to 5 different types of Wi-Fi devices: Computer, Laptop, Tablet, Notebook, Smartphone, Camera and more.

Singapore SWITCH Portable Broadband Internet Package:

1) Standard Package 3GB Data Daily - SGD48/month

2) Premium Package 10GB Data Daily - SGD95/month

About Singapore SWITCH Portable Broadband Internet

Singapore SWITCH portable Broadband Internet employed Cloud Sim Technology which stores SIM cards in the cloud server.That is why Roaming Man's customers able to enjoy the benefit of all 3 major local telco service provider data in one convenient broadband. The broadband will connect to the strongest signal at your location. Moving around in Singapore island and stay connected with Roaming Man! 

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