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Singapore SWITCH Mobile Broadband Wi-Fi 30GB x 1 month

-Unlimited internet with high speed internet capped at first 30 GB, then speed will be throttled down to 384kbps
-Minimum 30 days booking period
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Why use Roamingman Singapore SWITCH Mobile Broadband Wi-Fi?


Singapore SWITCH Mobile Broadband Wi-Fi uses Cloud Sim Technology which stores sim card in the cloud server. 

This means that you can enjoy the benefit of getting few Major Telco Companies coverage in Singapore at the same time in one mobile broadband

If one telco provider is slow, just SWITCH to the STRONGEST network!


1. This mobile broadband can connect up to 5 devices.


2. Download speed up to 150mbps and upload speed up to 70mbps.


3. High speed internet capped at 30GB, then the speed will be throttled down to 384 kbps. 


4. No contract and no deposit are required!


5. Light and portable design suitable for work from home and serve as a temporary internet solution for new set up of offices or moving to your new house.


Do you want internet data from major telcos at your fingertips? What are you waiting for? Get Roamingman Singapore SWITCH Mobile Broadband Wi-Fi NOW!


SWITCH to the STRONGEST network!

P.S. If you need more internet data, you can go for 60GB or 100GB.

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