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Japan Pocket Wifi Rental

Roaming Man SG Wifi Rental Service for your Japan Trip for only $5/Day. Get your pocket wifi today!
$5.00 /Day

Choosing a Good Wifi Egg Rental Service for Your Trip to Japan

What is a wifi egg?

Wifi egg or pocket wifi is a device that connects to the local telco carriers and serves as a wifi router to relay the data into your Computer or Mobile device. It's like having a wifi router in your pocket!

How is Roaming Man Different from Other Brands?

We use Cloud Sim Technology for our devices. Cloud sim technology allows the device to detect and switch to the fastest available network a the moment. Usually to change network you have to change sim card. This is very troublesome. You also have to buy a few sim cards to stand by in case one network is slow or is down.

With Cloud Sim, this is all avoided in the first place because there is no sim card involved. The device will automatically detect the fastest connection and connect to it.

What if I want to connect to another network?

Since everything is programmed into the the device, all you have to do is to restart the device and it will scan for the fastest network and connect automatically. In any case, if things go wrong we have a Live Chat Service on our website that you can use if you have any issue.

How  fast is the internet in Japan?

Japan has one of the fastest internet speeds in the world, second only to South Korea. It has 42.7% 4G penetration, so it's safe to say that wherever you go in Japan, your Roaming Man device will be able to give you 4G connection.

What if I use up my 4G quota for the day?

Since we are bound by Fair Usage Policy, we cannot offer unlimited 4G service. However, we do offer unlimited 3G service which has 88.3% penetration in Japan so it's safe to say that you'll still have reliable internet wherever you go.

Can I rely on free public wifi in Japan?

Most major cityies in Japan are offering free public wifi in preparation for 2020 Olympics. But as with most things that are public and free, the user experience tends to be poor. You also have to keep in mind cyber security concerns and it's best to use a VPN if you're using free wifi. But at the end of the day, you just want to stay connnected and find your hotel or Airbnb using Google Maps and you don't want to bother with stuff like VPN and walk all the way to wifi spots and get poor connection anyway. So it's better to just rent a wifi egg device (choose us please :))


Japan is an amazing country to visit and it's much easier to enjoy your trip if you have a fast, secure, and reliable connection for the duration of your trip. Happy travelling!

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